Gifts for People Who Think They’re Mermaids

Gifts for mermaids

You know the friend, the one who has watched 'The Little Mermaid' one-million times, spends all their free time in the water, and on occasion integrates seashells into their wardrobe.   

Everyone knows someone they think might be a mermaid, and when it’s time to show them how you feel look no further than our comprehensive gift-guide. From kids to your great-aunt, there’s something for every mermaid and merman in your life.

Check out our top 10 gifts for mermaids below and the full collection in our shop.


1. This Handmade Soft Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket is a must have for every mermaid, expert-level mermaids may already have this leg wrap for land, but new mermaids are sure to love this gift.



2. Mermaid Sequin Cooler Tote by Blush®

3. Mermaid Print Fitness Gear
These active-wear pieces help any mermaid stay true to her look while running around on dry land.

Full Mermaid Print Activewear Set 



Mermaid Scale Racerback Tank Top


Seashell Cotton Racerback Tank Top in Black and White





4. These Mermaid-Swarovski Jeweled Lockets add just a hint of the mermaid-look for everyday wear. 

It comes in both a Necklace & Bracelet Each locket comes with a message from a stranger as well as 3 locket inserts to write your own custom message.



5. For the mermaid with little ones, check out these adorable looks for  the beach and more.

Crochet Newborn Baby Mermaid Costume 

Toddler & Baby Girls Mermaid Bikini Set with Bowknot HeadbandAlso in a one-piece



Princess Mermaid Bodysuit with Seashells for Newborn & Baby Girls

6.  For the mermaid who also loves cats these accessories will remind them of all their favorite things...Tote, Necklace, & Earrings 


7. A Mermaid Print Rash Guard is great for long days and nights at the beach, providing coverage and a cool-look.


8. The Mermaid Handle Tea & Coffee Spoon is perfect small-gift they can use every morning! Add their favorite coffee or tea to make their day.



9. For lazy days in the water an Inflatable Mermaid Pool Float Toy will help every mermaid relax.



10.  Sequin & Tulle Mermaid Tail Skirt
Because why not? 


Check our our shop for more gifts for every mermaid (or merman) you know...