About Havamal Gifting

Havamal Gifting makes gift-giving simple for everyone by providing hyper-specific suggestions, inspiration, curated lists, and the stories behind symbols and classic mementos. We help you express gratitude to the special, unique people in your life through objects, ideas, and everyday gestures.

A memorable gift that encapsulates and expresses your sentiment can be stressful to find, Havamal Gifting turns gift shopping from a chore into an enjoyable experience for all. Our gift guides feature, classic tchotchkes, one-of-a-kind pieces, tokens of thanks and vintage finds emblematic of emotion. We provide unexpected and remarkable ideas to express your gratitude through gift-giving and everyday actions. Havamal Gifting offers a huge selection in our shop, as well as features connections to creators from around the globe.

And because no gift is complete without a celebration, Havamal Gifting offers comprehensive guides to holidays, parties, and everyday entertaining. Our shop features everything you need to properly pull off the perfect festivity.

Havamal Gifting---Where The Giving Gets Good.

About Me

My fascination with gift-giving started when a boyfriend gave me… chocolate. I hated chocolate! (Spoiler alert: it didn’t work out.) At that moment I discovered the power of giving the right, and the wrong, gift. And so, I founded Havamal Gifting to help everyone give symbolic, meaningful, lasting gifts.

I look forward to helping you give your best.