Donut Chew Squeaker Toy
Donut Chew Squeaker Toy
Donut Chew Squeaker Toy

Donut Chew Squeaker Toy

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This pet toy is absolutely safe for your pet. The quality of the product has been carefully censored to take care your dogs and cats in the safest way. Efficient, easy, simple to use is our direction for animal lovers. You will be extremely pleased to buy this highly useful product. Your pet will be extremely excited when you order this product right away. Be an intelligent, understanding person!


  • Designed as a donut shape,very cute and funny,greatly attracting your dog.
  • Light weight, makes your dog play with it easily, keep your dog entertained.
  • The chew toys can help clean dog's teeth and improve dental health.
  • Helps strengthen relationship between you and your dog, build self esteem and makes obedience training.
  • Great toy for the squeaker-loving dog.
  • For: Dogs Cat.
  • Type: Pet Toy.
  • Material: Plush.
  • Size: External Dia 13cm.
SKU: 205318 - Blue
PART: AMZ205318
UPC: 8907940896620

SKU: 205319 - Brown
PART: AMZ205319
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SKU: 205320 - Pink
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